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Our beloved founder Dr.A.Ganesan was born in Sriperampathur, Chennai on 21.6.1937. He carried out his schooling at Santhome Higher Secondary School. He walked to school daily from Thiruvanmiyur to Santhome. He completed his SSLC amidst several hardships. Later due to family constraints and commitments he had to join as a postman setting aside his dreams of higher studies. Apart from being a post man, he also did part time jobs.

During his time spent at one of the part time job locations he had a chance to learn the nuances of construction work. This fascinated him and he was deeply influenced by its workmanship. He resigned his job as a postman and started to do his own construction work from past learning experiences.

The dream about starting a school was sown in his mind from the day he realized that he couldn’t continue his studies further. He did not let his hardships or work dampen this dream. He nurtured it and worked towards it.

Finally in 2020, his dream took flight in the form of AGM Higher Secondary School.

This school is an embodiment of his desire and passion to educate the younger generations. He has been running this school successfully with traditional value and vast knowledge.




“Strength does not come from physical capacity it comes from an indomitable will” – Mahatma Gandhi.

Our school from its modest beginning from the year 2000 has grown to a decade now. Our school has grown by leapsand bounds in all activities both curricular and co-curricular.

Studies do not make formal learning complete. The all round development of the child should be the aim of education. Each student has brought forth according to his / her ability and to their own creative experiences which has given me immense pleasure. We hope to inculcate tolerance pride and determination to succeed in life.




Education on a whole is to develop dynamic personality of the present generation, to cope up with the future world, by trainingand developing their knowledge, mindand character simultaneously to meet their challenges successfully.

The education in the modernizing society have a great role to play, because the agenda for the future of education should be put into practice through them.

The education system of the nation especially of the developing countries should themselves be modernized with new aimsand objectives, only then education can play its role effectively as a facilitator of modernization.

Introduction of smart class, which is a demand of the decade is a break through to meet the varied needs of students.

We will continue to launch more new modern thingsand expand horizons, besides bringing quality education, proactively maintaining high-grade.

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