Kindergarten :

Kindergarten – There is only one intelligent child and every mother has one.

The pre primary wing is designed to address the varied needs of children with the deep understanding of child psychology. The teacher selection, class room area, play area and activities are formulated to nurture young children for their wholesome development. Play way method is used to impart knowledge and they provide personal attention to every child because, our optimal teacher : children ratio complements their effort.

KG Class rooms are nicely painted and decorated with toys, child-friendly furniture and a fun filled ambience and as well as covered play areas for children, fresh air and personal care to encourage every child.

Along with teachers we have two assistants in every KG class room. We ensure that your child is always under our notice and care. High attention is paid to keep the environment, hygienic and comfortable for the children. Various accessories like mats, blocks, swing, slides are provided. We encourage children to pursue outdoor activities for the physical and gross motor development.

Covered play areas, extra storage space for personal belongings, mineral water for drinking - we take great care to see that your children get the extra special treatment they deserve.

Music and Puppet story telling is also a part of their activity to enrich their artistic knowledge.

Rhymes, Stories, Alphabet and Numbers are taught through Educomp mode of teaching.

Activities – Bunny activity, Music, Dance & Slokas.