Secondary Education

Classes 6 to 10, Cultivating Critical Thinking and Lifelong Learning Skills.

Comprehensive Education

Enriching Extracurriculars

To prepare each child to blend into any walk of life.

Expert Educators

Cultivating Excellence with Specialized Instruction

Convenient Timings

Maximizing Learning Potential with Flexible Timetables


The secondary phase is an important period during which every child makes crucial decisions that influence their future life. The teachers support and guide the children in order to provide them with the right spirit and understanding of their strengths, through well planned educational programs. Teachers are friendly and reliable and the children are encouraged to talk to them about their careers choices. We provide a friendly atmosphere between teachers and students to encourage the smooth transition of every child towards success in his/her school tenure.

To keep up with ever changing educational benchmarks, we use the Digital mode of teaching with Smart Boards. A reference library is provided in every class room.

Mathematics lab

The Mathematics lab is an additional feature for our secondary wing in order to develop the numerical talent in every child. Audio visual learning is also a wonderful experience for the children to inculcate worldly knowledge.

Physical Health

Physical health is extremely important for every living being. Athletic instructions and vigorous trainings are imparted to bring out the spirit of sportsmanship and health consciousness among the students. PT Periods are highly fruitful in our vast and well maintained playground.

The high school curriculum at AGM School is designed to equip students with all the skills they need to function successfully in society. Personality development, communication skills, interpersonal skills and problem-solving skills are the key focus of our High School programme.

Extra Curricular Activities


Arts and crafts

Yoga & Art

Nature club


Literary associations

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