Primary Education

Nurturing Growth and Curiosity in Primary Grades, Classes 1 to 5.

Comprehensive Education

Enriching Extracurriculars

To prepare each child to blend into any walk of life.

Expert Educators

Cultivating Excellence with Specialized Instruction

Convenient Timings

Maximizing Learning Potential with Flexible Timetables


The primary wing is designed to develop the basic knowledge of every child to make their foundation strong. We have choosen the best books and use the complete curriculum solution to move away from the traditional teaching methods. Various topics covered under this program provides a vast knowledge and help to our Children. Moral classes are incorporated in their syllabus to ensure the wholesome development and rightful attitude in every child.

The class rooms are spacious and well ventilated to give them the fresh ambience. Educational field trips and library visits are arranged every year.

We have numerous activities planned round the year from nature walk to clay moulding, free hand drawing to computer aided learning, arts and crafts and many more activities to provide world class education to your child.

Extra Curricular Activities

Cubs and bul bul





Yoga & Art

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