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Summertime Parenting: Tricks to Keep Your Children Cool and Well

Summertime Parenting: Tricks to Keep Your Children Cool and Well 

Summer is for having fun, enjoying the sun, and creating memories. Our children may find Vellore’s heat wave to be challenging, but with the correct support and guidance, we can help them overcome the heat and make the most of this summer! 

Savour the Seasonal Fruits: 

A bounty of mouthwatering fruits that keep our bodies cool and hydrated is a summertime staple. 


Mangoes, dubbed the “king of fruits,” are a seasonal mainstay that provide a rush of sweetness and juiciness packed with vitamins A and C. Mangoes are a great summertime snack for youngsters since they strengthen immunity and support good skin. 


 Known for their high-water content and cool crispness, cucumbers are another summertime favorite. 


The quintessential symbol of summer is packed with electrolytes. 

Playtime and Rest Periods 

Kids should embrace outdoor play during the summer and relish the freedom that comes with being active in the open air. For your child to remain healthy, content, and well-rested throughout the season, you must, however, find a balance between playtime and rest.To avoid the hottest portion of the day and excessive sun exposure, encourage your child to play outside in the cooler hours of the day, such as early morning or late afternoon. During the warmest parts of the day, from 10 am to 4 pm, make sure your child has enough of downtime to unwind, whether they are playing football, riding bikes or hide-and-seek. Allocate a specific period of time every day for peaceful pursuits like reading, painting, or listening. 

Sleep Well 

Getting enough sleep is crucial for your child’s physical and mental health, especially in the summer when outdoor activities, late nights, and vacations can throw off routines. Making sleep a priority and creating a regular nighttime routine will help your child get the rest they require to flourish all summer long.